Enter the Digital Garden: FFS SEED.ONE OG NFT

Introducing the FFS SEED.ONE OG NFT: Unleashing the Power of Limited Edition Digital Art

A broad collection of Flowers For Society graphics all based on FFS logos and the point cloud

The Perfect Fusion: Sneaker Legacy Meets Exclusive NFT Art

Embark on a journey into the digital realm with the FFS SEED.ONE OG NFT.

This exclusive offering combines the legacy of our iconic sneaker with the captivating world of limited edition digital art.

The FFS SEED.ONE OG NFT collection comprises a total of 2222 unique NFTs, each a rare and valuable piece of digital craftsmanship. The total supply has been meticulously capped at this number, ensuring its scarcity and collectible value, all secured by our reliable Smart Contract.

For customers who have claimed their NFTs, the journey has been nothing short of magical.

The NFTs were airdropped directly into their provided wallet-ids, instantly becoming treasured assets in their digital art collection.

A green and pink flower created from the brand's signature point cloud in front of seven overlapping circles

Explore the official links to dive deeper into the enchanting universe of the FFS SEED.ONE OG NFT:

OpenSea collection
Flowers For Society — Garden of Comfort

Smart Contract on Polygonscan

In the digital garden of the FFS SEED.ONE OG NFT, rarity meets artistry, and sneaker enthusiasts become art collectors. Join us
on this groundbreaking adventure and own a piece of the future, where fashion intertwines with digital creativity.

Let your collection bloom with the limited edition FFS SEED.ONE OG NFT, where digital artistry meets sneaker legacy.