haft for society

"Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast"

Flowers for Society proudly unveils the RADICLE LOW OG, our new, radically progressive silhouette that's set to redefine style and culture.

We're thrilled to announce that the iconic German rapper Haftbefehl is joining us on this journey.


In a world where culture devours traditional strategies, we're here to disrupt the global market with modern shapes and proportions.

Haftbefehl brings his unique flavor to Flowers for Society.

Together we're going to introduce our latest silhouette, the RADICLE OG LOW, to the market and we're about to turn the world of streetwear upside down.

Haft for Society

Just like Haftbefehl's music, our RADICLE LOW OG is all about authenticity, boldness and making a statement.