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FFS AT paris fashion week

Paris Fashion Week is always a whirlwind of creativity, innovation, and unforgettable moments, and this year was no exception for Flowers.

We brought our A-game to the heart of the Marais with a series of events that highlighted our passion for streetwear and sneakers.

Here’s a recap of the three incredible days that marked our presence at PFW !

Day 1: Friends and Family Dinner at La Candelaria

We kicked off our Paris Fashion Week adventure with an intimate friends and family dinner at La Candelaria, a cozy taco spot nestled in the heart of the Marais.

The evening was filled with laughter, delicious tacos, guacamole, and a seemingly endless supply of Palomas.

It was a perfect start, surrounded by the people who support and inspire us.

Day 2: HUGO x Flowers for Society Pop-Up

The second day was all about our exciting collaboration with HUGO!

We unveiled the exclusive HUGO x FFS GO-2 sneaker at a flower shop-inspired pop-up, generating a buzz among tastemakers and trendsetters.

The pop-up, located in the vibrant district of Marais, transformed into a hub of activity as guests discovered the collaboration while enjoying drinks from the on-site bar.

The sneaker, designed to merge street-style soul with hiking-inspired accents, was showcased in all its glory.

Its versatile design, featuring open-mesh details, unstitched elements, overlapped layers, and a mix of finishes and transparencies, captured the essence of both HUGO and Flowers for Society.

Notable names from the sneaker scene visited the pop-up, where they were gifted with the new sneakers and celebratory bunches of flowers. The event was a feast for the eyes, with inspiring content captured on-site, showcasing guests trying on the sneakers and soaking up the capsule’s uplifting, vibrant spirit.

Street-style content featuring tastemakers wearing HUGO x FFS sneakers around Paris further amplified the buzz, highlighting the design’s bright colors and bold aesthetic.

Day 3: FFS Showroom – Fall Winter Lineup and Summer 2025 Sneak Peek

Our Paris Fashion Week journey culminated in a spectacular showroom presentation of our Fall Winter lineup.

We also offered a sneak peek into what’s coming for Summer 2025.

The showroom was an absolute banger!

Thanks y'all for coming!!

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