Unleash the Dragon

Embark on a visionary journey with the OREMOB – a seamless fusion of 90s nostalgia and contemporary street, pop, and manga culture.

Crafted by Berlin's visionary illustrator, ORE ORE ORE, this sneaker release transcends traditional anime aesthetics.

Celebrating manga as an expressive art form influenced by street culture, hip-hop, fashion, graffiti, punk, and cartoons.

Join the modern fusion culture movement, propelled by ORE ORE ORE’s groundbreaking creativity.

Each purchase unlocks a digital twin, a special charm and a matching balaclava, bridging the physical and digital realms of fashion. 

Immersing you in the world of Y2K aesthetics, manga, and anime.

Seize the opportunity to own a piece of this exhilarating collaboration.

Step into the future with OREMOB, where art, culture and footwear converge in a spectacular showcase of creativity.

Unleash the dragon.