We recently went on an adventure to in collaboration with @porsche_zentrum_wiesbaden // @porsche which provided us with the incredible 2023 Porsche Taycan GTS.

Three guys standing in front of a stage at the Sneakerness Zuerich, on the left is Tamás Dablty and on the right is Till Jagla

Our journey took us from the vibrant city of Frankfurt to the picturesque landscapes of Switzerland to Zurich, and finally to the bustling city of Hamburg.

Join us as we share the highlights of this extraordinary roadtrip:
Our journey began in Frankfurt, where we eagerly hopped into the powerful Taycan GTS. As we hit the open road, the electric sports car effortlessly accelerated, its cutting edge technology delivering a thrilling driving experience. The Combination of its speed and exceptional handling made every twist and turn a delight.

Our first stop was the vibrant city of Zurich, where we had the pleasure of attending @sneakerness , the premier sneaker convention in Europe!

We captured the buzz of the event, immersing ourselves into sneaker culture while our very own @tilljagla gave a talk on stage about FFS and Web3.


A close up picture of six Flowers For Society sneaker boxes in the open trunk of a black Porsche Taycan