Experience the Greenhouse of Creativity: The SEED.ONE [TREIBHAUS]


Merging Art and Sneakers: The SEED.ONE [TREIBHAUS] - a Collaboration between GRIF. & Flowers for society.

Step into a world of artistic inspiration and new beginnings with the SEED.ONE [TREIBHAUS].

This extraordinary sneaker is the result of a collaboration between renowned artist Shane Griffin and Flowers for Society, drawing inspiration from the greenhouse of New York's botanical garden.

The SEED.ONE [TREIBHAUS] encapsulates the essence of nurturing and protecting new life.

Just like a greenhouse (or "Treibhaus" in German), it creates the ideal environment for growth and transformation. The design reflects this concept, featuring see-through elements on the upper, outsole, and even midsole. As you walk, light shines through, mimicking the illuminating atmosphere of a greenhouse.

Purchasing a SEED.ONE [TREIBHAUS] grants you more than just a remarkable sneaker.

You also secure an exclusive digital collectible designed by Shane Griffin, known as GRIF.

This digital collectible represents the "NEW LIFE" and serves as a digital artwork companion to your physical shoe. Three distinct digital art pieces will be released and each with its own rarity. These digital collectibles will be randomly airdropped into your wallets, adding a unique and collectible aspect to your SEED.ONE [TREIBHAUS] ownership.

About GRIF.

At the heart of this collaboration is Shane Griffin, also known as GRIF., an Irish visual artist and director based in NYC. With a multidisciplinary approach, Shane pioneers a conceptual and artistic fusion of film, sculpture, animation, design, and large-screen visuals.

As the founder of Grif Studio, an independent creative studio and art practice in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, GRIF. has collaborated with leading global brands and showcased artwork worldwide. Their expertise lies in creating bespoke artwork, directing live-action films, and producing captivating animated content.

Experience the SEED.ONE [TREIBHAUS] and immerse yourself in a world where art and nature intertwine. Discover the power of collaboration, embrace the spirit of new life, and own a piece of digital artistry that elevates your sneaker experience to unprecedented heights. It's time to step into the greenhouse of creativity and let your style bloom.